5.21.14 Newsletter

As the school year approaches it’s end, I turn my attention to end-of-year duties while looking forward to the coming year’s needs. As with any job, these things must be balanced with the daily demands that are part of our work lives.

5.14.14 Newsletter

New Opportunity for our kids—Next Tuesday, May 20th we are privileged to have the Medford Public Works come to our site to present Public Works Day. The students in grades PreK-5th will rotate through different stations to learn about what our Public Works Department does for our city. The teachers received student activity booklets to help prepare the children to ask good questions.

4.2.14 Newsletter

Thank you…for your continued prayers and support for Mrs. Young. She is out of ICU and in her own room. She drank water and orange juice yesterday. She has been speaking in Spanish. The skull plate will be replaced tomorrow in surgery. She’s showing great improvement.

Newsletter 2.19.14

Yeehaw!! Let’s lasso a few more attendees for our 18th Annual Auction!! We’ve already exceeded registrations from last year and only have about 25 spots left. Wrangle up a couple of friends and fill the Inn at the Commons corral on March 8th.

Newsletter 2.5.14

Have you got some time to volunteer on Tuesday, February 25 from 10 AM to 3 PM and Wednesday, February 26 from 12 noon to 2:15 PM? We are looking for a few parents to help with the “wrapping up” of class baskets.