Little Jack

Australian Shepherd Puppy Auction

Sunday, December 11th - December 15th, 2022 @ 3:00pm

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About Little Jack

The parents of Little Jack are Red Roxy and Jack. Red Roxy is a red merle, and Jack is a black tri. Little Jack is a black tri with white muzzle, brown patches above his eyes, and a nice white streak between the eyes. He’s likely to look a lot like his dad when he’s full grown. Little Jack is one of three litters born this fall, so if you don’t win the auction, there are a variety of puppies available to choose from.

Table Rock Australian Shepherds and Boarding Kennels has been breeding beautiful AKC Australian Shepherd puppies in the shadow of Lower Table Rock for 5 years. All puppies are cleared by parentage through the Australian Shepherd genetic panel. These puppies are beautiful, healthy, and ready to live a long life in their new homes.

Mike Gates started his passion for Australian Shepherds 12 years ago when his daughter fell in love with one and they brought Ozzy home. What started as a family pet soon morphed into a new way of life when the family decided to have puppies. After that first litter, the passion took hold, and Mike purchased his first high quality AKC breeding pair. Today Mike has 4 breeding fathers and 9 mothers, and the results are as varied as the Australian shepherd gets. Each fall Mike’s breeding parents produce about 25 red tris, black tris, red merles, and blue merles. He has placed more than 150 puppies in homes around the country, including to satisfied clients returning to add a second puppy years later.

About the breed

Full grown Australian Shepherd males weigh about 45-50 pounds and stand about 30” at the shoulder. They are an active breed, originating in California in the 19th century. The breed was created by crossbreeding a variety of herding dogs, particularly collies, that were imported from Australia with their sheep. A working dog and human companion, these dogs are ideal for active families that enjoy the outdoors.
Questions about Aussie pups? Give us a call at (541) 690-8026 or

Little Jack | Australian Shepherd Puppy Auction

Sunday, December 11th - December 15th, 2022 @ 3:00pm

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Ann Fuller - SHCS Teacher
Australian Shepherds are a deliberate choice for my life. I’m used to active dogs and love how they get me off the couch and out onto my property. My husband is home half the day when I teach, and I have summers off when the days are long and there’s so much to do and see. If you’re looking to get off the couch, these are your kind of dog. Our boys are so beautiful and smart and already eager to work and play. They’ll keep us young in the long run, but we know the first year will be an investment in time, energy, and self-discipline. If this sounds like a match for you and your family, take a chance and join our fundraiser.
“Anyone who hears me talk about my Aussie knows how much I adore him. Aussies are super smart, loving and loyal. They are also very gentle and get along with other dogs. Mine also makes me laugh everyday with his goofy expressions and actions. Since they are herding dogs by nature, they need something to keep them busy. A big yard to run in, or another dog to play with, or a daily run with a family member would benefit this breed.”
- Teri Fry
“Meet Tucker and Hudson. These are the Australian Shepherds I’ve just brought home from Table Rock Boarding Kennels. And my life has already changed! Hudson is a Blue Merle, so his coloring is blue-grey with black, white, and tan accents in seemingly random and yet artistic places. Tucker is a Red Merle, and his coloring is reddish brown with three other shades of buff and tan, equally placed by God’s artistic hand. Hudson is Little Jacks brother. Little Jack is a tri-color, black with white and tan markings.”
- Ann Fuller