Fall Reopening 2020 – July 10, 2020 Memo

“We decided to send our daughter to Sacred Heart because we wanted to give her the best possible education combined with a sense of community that comes with a smaller school. We have always been happy with this decision, but never more so than during Covid when we saw firsthand what an amazing job Sacred Heart did to provide students with a top notch distance learning program. The teachers and staff kept students engaged and we never worried that our daughter would fall behind during this unusual year.”

- Matt K. - Parent

Sacred Heart Catholic School is opening in the fall and will provide your child with a nurturing, learning environment of academic excellence, each day, in person, teacher to student, all day.  As our doors open in the fall, Sacred Heart Catholic School will instill the Catholic values set forth in our mission statement, while focusing upon the health and wellbeing of your child within our community of faith.

The mission of Sacred Heart Catholic School is to provide our students with a Christ-centered education committed to academic excellence in a nurturing environment.

On that first day of school, as our school community of faith and learning gathers, we have the strength of Jesus, who is that unseen, ever-present teacher who will be in all of the classes, providing a model for our faculty and an inspiration to our students. As old friends reconnect and new friends are made, that light of Christ will shine brightly from within. Only our Lord knows the plans He has for us, but with Him as our guide, we will continue working hard to create a reopening plan that will keep your kiddos and our school community healthy and strong.

Here is what you should know:

  • Every student is required 35 square feet for social distancing within the classroom. Classrooms have been measured and SHCS classrooms can hold up to 20 students and be compliant with state and federal social distancing standards. Due to our teacher / student ratio, our class sizes have never been more important!  SHCS can accommodate every student, every day, all day!
  • Kiddos will feel comfortable on the first day of school. Although the concept of a rainy day drop off is not how I imagined the first day of school, coupled with not being able to walk your kids into school on the first day, we intend to make this transition more comfortable. By creating videos to help kids know what to expect, from the time they get out of their cars to walking to their classroom, will guide this transition. Prior to the first day of school, parents with younger kids will have opportunities to schedule practice walks, so their child will know what to expect.  We will also be making students feel comfortable with their teacher. This includes zoom meetings, fun icebreakers, and personalized student/teacher phone calls prior to school starting.
  • It is difficult to visualize what school will look and feel like, how our kids will be kept safe, and trying to understand face covering requirements, protocols, etc. These are very valid concerns. As guidelines change and we accommodate safety requirements, I will be as transparent as possible, with the understanding things will likely change.  I’ll be offering weekly informational sessions to provide updates as new information is received. These sessions are being held every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 7:00 pm.  Please contact me for the link.  Building a strong community and helping you get your kids ready for the 20-21 school year is my priority.

As these times of uncertainty unfold, it is important to realize this is not our future forever.  These are temporary changes for the upcoming school year, and we will gain strength from our faith through prayers and the love of the students as we come together as a school community of Sacred Heart Catholic School.

Lord… please guide us as we plan for our re-opening. Keep our families healthy. Give us strength, insight and wisdom to make the best decisions possible in these trying times. Amen. 


Sharon Levesque
Education with Heart

(Special thanks of appreciation to Nicole Sakraida)