Fall Reopening 2020 – July 3, 2020 Memo

“We enrolled our daughter in Sacred Heart’s preschool program this past fall. I have been so impressed with the family atmosphere, even with the challenges of COVID not allowing adults to come inside the building or participate in traditional classroom activities. Sacred Heart really feels like a family. Parents and staff have all been so welcoming. Additionally, our daughter has made amazing strides academically. She has learned to write her name independently and identify letters based on the sounds they make, in just two short months. Overall, we are very happy with our decision to have our daughter attend Sacred Heart. Go Knights!”

- Samara G. – Parent

Reopening Plan for Sacred Heart Catholic School in the Fall

July 3, 2020

Below are some basic guidelines we will be following as we reopen for the fall. Please realize the Plan for Reopening in the Fall is an ongoing process that will not be finalized until mid-August.

The health and safety of our students and our school community is our priority. This commitment is the foundation of our plan to reopen in the fall. Following the guidelines of the “Archdiocese’s 2020-2021 Return to School Framework” and in conjunction with Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our school plan addresses the latest protocols, procedures and guidelines to protect the safety and health of our students. Throughout the summer and into the fall, as more information is received, our plan will be updated to reflect the most current mandates and protocols.

Stay current on all information for the plan throughout the summer, by checking here and on School Speak.

It is crucial that we follow these strict guidelines, procedures, and protocols, for the safety of our students and all within our school community.

We want our students to be able to stay in the school building!!


All students will be required to stay in groups, called cohorts, with their teacher throughout the day. There will not be any mixing of cohorts. This will include recess time too. Middle School will be considered one cohort. This is a safety protocol in case one person within a cohort is exposed and for contact tracing.

The three most important guidelines for the students are to keep a six-foot distance away from one another, washing hands frequently and wearing protective face masks.

Hand Hygiene

All students will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer (depending on the availability of sinks) upon entering the classroom first thing in the morning.

Students will use the restroom at least two or three times per day for hand washing after recess and before lunch. Students will be taught that washing with soap for 30 seconds AND THEN rinsing (not holding hands under the water for 30 seconds) is recommended.

Students and staff will maintain respiratory etiquette, covering coughs and sneezes with the opposite side of the elbow or tissue.  Hands are washed or sanitized after tissue use.

Physical Distancing Protocols

Students will remain separate from other cohorts and will not enter rooms other than their own cohort classroom.  Faith family group activities or partner class activities are suspended. Students will not be sent to the front office for any purpose other than if the child is ill. Teachers will need to rely on electronic measures to communicate with other teachers, the front office, or the principal. Students will not be allowed to receive phone calls from parents in the front office.

Inside the classroom, students will need all their supplies at their desk, to minimize wandering. Middle school students will not be able to all use their lockers at the same time. They will need to go to their lockers in small groups. Assignment of lockers to allow every sixth student to go to their locker, will eliminate small groupings at the lockers. Students must always maintain 6 feet distancing. Students will have all their supplies in one box (shoebox?), and not share their supplies. Students will line up six feet apart and this will need to be practiced and monitored. Classes will be on time to recess to minimize opportunities for hallway crossings. All recesses and bathroom visits are staggered five minutes apart per class. Each class will visit the bathroom three times per day, to minimize the need for additional solo trips (where students might encounter other classes). The playground will have quadrants so that cohorts do not mix outside.

Any mixing of cohorts or parts of cohorts will be written in that cohort’s daily log for contact tracing purposes.

Planning for Additional Support of Students Learning how to Distance

Students will have to be taught:

  • How long six feet away is
  • How to walk six feet behind the person in front of you
  • How to monitor if the line stops or slows down
  • How to line up in the classroom from each desk
  • How to line up on the playground in your quadrant
  • How to wait for your class to use the restroom

There will be markings on the floors in the hallways to indicate six foot distancing. There will also be arrows on the floor indicating the direction to walk in the hallways.