July 21, 2020 Parent Session

“My daughter loves this school. She seems to know all the staff and warmly says hello and good bye to all of them in passing. The school work that comes home is always well done and my daughter is able to share what she learned. Great staff and great school.”

- Candice G.- Parent

Parent Question & Answer Session #2

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Our back to school planning process was looked over for a final review by our planning committee today.  All our decisions are made following the guidelines of the Oregon Health Authority and the Center for Disease Control and the Framework of the Archdiocese. There is one more update that will be coming out for all the schools – August 11th that will need to be included.  Our plan will be submitted to the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon Department of Education, and the Local Health Authorities on August 15th. Throughout the plan, our number one focus and concern is keeping all our students safe and healthy during our reopening this fall.

What sort of learning options are most likely for Sacred Heart’s return to classes (online, in-person, etc.)?

We sent out a survey asking our school community for their preference, over 86% said they would prefer that our child(ren) attend school in person five days a week. While 14% said they would prefer that our child(ren) attend school via remote learning/distance learning with Sacred Heart Catholic School.

As a result, our school plan for reopening is person to person five days a week, but we have also provided a plan within a plan to address the needs of those students who are at high risk. We have created a remote learning/distance learning schedule that provides for one subject area to be taught per hour.  There are five to fifteen minutes breaks at the end of each hour and a lunch break that enables students to socialize under the monitoring of the teacher. 

If we are mandated to close and offer strictly remote learning/distance learning, we are prepared to switch over very easily.  Our survey informed us there are several families in need of chromebooks for usage if we are mandated to close and utilize distance learning, we have invested in additional chromebooks and web cams for our educators.

The School’s information says it can meet safe distancing requirements with 20 people in a classroom, so does Sacred Heart’s facility have some advantages in classroom sizes to facilitate in-person learning?

We can maintain the 35 sq. ft per child distancing requirements because we have several larger classrooms available to accommodate larger numbered classes while we have removed teachers’ desks, reading tables, etc. from our medium sized classrooms.  Our average class size from Early Childhood to eighth grade is 14 and we have a waiting list for two of our classes.

As a private, faith-based school, what does Sacred Heart Catholic School have to offer and are there specific restrictions in place because you are opening in the fall?

Students will be still be attending daily Mass and receiving sacraments on a scheduled rotational basis.  Most of our faith-based activities, such as our living rosary, reenactment of the Last

Supper and Silhouette version of the Stations of the Cross will be done virtually.  Students will be taught religion, pray throughout the day, and grow in their relationship with our Lord every day.

Because we are opening full time each and every day, we are putting extra restrictions in to place, such as temperature checks before students and staff enter the school building, we are all wearing face coverings, scheduled hand washing three times a day and maintaining six foot distancing in the hallways, classrooms and at recess.

Will Jogathon be available this year?

We are currently looking into a variety of options.  One of the options we are researching is like what took place this year with the Pear Blossom.  Runners had devices that were able to track their mileage and times, but they could run wherever they wanted to.  We are looking at something similar but with modifications more fitting for our school.  There are other options we are currently researching.

Will students have a lunch program?

Students will bring their lunch to school and eat their lunch in their classrooms to maintain the six-foot distancing guidelines.  We are looking into the possibility of boxed lunches being provided by our lunch program too.

What will morning drop off and afternoon pickup look like?

For morning drop off, students in second grade through middle school will have drop off from 7:45 – 8:00 AM, with a start time of 8 AM.  Students in early childhood through first grade will have a drop off from 8:15-8:30 AM with a start time of 8:30 AM.  If you have children throughout the grades, please arrive at the earliest time for morning drop off.

For dismissal at the end of the day, students in kindergarten through second grade will be dismissed at 2:40 PM for pickup, students in third grade through fifth grade will be dismissed at 2:50 PM and students in middle school will be dismissed at 3 PM.  If you have children throughout the grades, please arrive at the latest time for afternoon pick up.

Have you thought about using the outside grounds of the school for classes?

Our PE classes will be held outside in our field area if weather is fitting for it.  If PE students need to go inside, our gym will be sanitized at the end of every class.  This was built into the schedule to allow enough time between classes for this area to be sanitized.

How often will the school be cleaned and sanitized?

The building will be sanitized and cleaned every day after school by our cleaning company.  Throughout the day, our maintenance person, classroom teachers and staff will sanitize frequently touched areas, such as doorknobs, handrails, desks, doors, chairs, etc.

I hope that you are finding these sessions helpful and informative.  We have the strength of our faith at this school and I believe we will continue to provide your children with the same Academic Excellence that has withstood the test of time for over 145 years.

May God bless during this time and may you find that peace that only our Lord can provide.  You are in our daily prayers.  Stay strong, knights!!