Sacred Heart Catholic School follows the curriculum designed by our Archdiocese of Portland, OR.  It is closely aligned with Oregon State Standards.  Our certified teachers are highly qualified with 75% holding Master’s degrees.  Sacred Heart administers standardized norm-referenced IOWA tests for a comparison of results at the national and local level.  Our literacy programs participate in DIBELS testing, Star Reader, Accelerated Reading and Star Math testing.

The Sacred Heart Catholic Student is a Christian Role Model…

– shows love and reverence to God – knows the teachings of the Catholic faith and acts as a follower of Christ – prays and participates in community worship

The Sacred Heart Catholic School Student is a Responsible Citizen..

– accepts responsibility for his/her actions – communicates effectively and works collaboratively with others – works for peace and justice by serving others

The Sacred Heart Catholic School Student is a Life-Long Learner…

– strives for academic excellence in all classes – applies knowledge, Catholic values, and critical thinking skills to create soluctions – uses current technology creatively and responsibly.

Curriculum Information:

• Archdiocese Religion Standards:  View PDF

• Archdiocese PE/Health Standards:  View PDF

• Archdiocese ELA Standards:   View PDF

• Archdiocesan Library Standards:   View PDF

• Archdiocesan Math Standards:   View PDF

• Archdiocesan Music Standards:  View PDF

• Archdiocesan Science Standards:  View PDF

• Archdiocesan Social Studies Standards:   VIEW PDF

• Archdiocesan Technology Standards:   VIEW PDF

• Archdiocese Art Standards:   View PDF