Food Bank

Sacred Heart School has a Food Bank that is available to the public. The Middle School helps out with this service as well as a few volunteer parents. It is located in the alley behind the SHCS gym. For the last several years, all the classes at Sacred Heart School have donated food for the Food Bank during the school year.

When we run low on donated food, the rest is picked up by volunteer parents and paid for by Sacred Heart Church. The Food Bank is open all year and depends on the families from Sacred Heart to keep it going.

The following is a list of classes and the food items that we would like each class to bring in.

~ Healthy Cereals (always popular)

We have a grocery basket from which people can choose special items. If you’re donating items from your own pantry, please check the expiration date.


If you have other “unique” items in your pantry that you think your family won’t eat or use, those items are welcome also.