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Principal Letter

“Sacred Heart School has an amazing community. Students are able to form close friendships, parents feel wanted and involved in their child’s education, and the teachers are dedicated and want their students to succeed. The class sizes are small which means each student gains more individualized support. There are also many other opportunities for student success, both spiritually and academically. There is access to a full range of subjects as well as specialty classes of art, PE, computers, and religion. This school is centered around their students and what they will need to be successful throughout their lives.”

- April I. - Teacher

About Principal Letter

Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic School!

Greetings.  My name is Sharon Levesque and I take on a new role this year as principal of Sacred Heart Catholic School.  I am continually honored to be a part of such a strong community of faith and academic excellence.  I am looking forward to a great year filled with many opportunities for our school community to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

I would like to express a warm welcome to all of our new families, students and teachers who chose to make Sacred Heart Catholic School their school this year.  We are a school that strives to work together as a community by putting the interests and needs of our students at the forefront. Through a strong foundation of parental involvement and support, our educators are consistently developing new ways to connect and develop student growth, success and achievement throughout the school year.  Our educators provide “Education with Heart.”  Everyday students have a variety of opportunities to grow and develop a long lasting relationship of faith through our Catholic Identity. This is what sets us apart from all the other schools.

According to our last WCEA Accreditation report, we are “Highly Effective” in providing your child with opportunities to grow spiritually, behaviorally, academically and socially. Students live out each day as Christian Role Models, Life Long Learners and Responsible Citizens.

It will be a fun and exciting year for us as we continue to charter into these uncertain times. That uncertainty plays less significance, as we work together as a community of faith and academic excellence and begin our 155th year of educating children in the Rogue Valley. We are strong and thank you for choosing Sacred Heart Catholic School as your school.


Sharon Levesque

Jog-A-Thon / Maze-A-Thon
Total Raised: $38007
All School Goal: $25,000
Principal’s Challenge: $35,000

Sacred Heart
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